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  • RFP-16-001 Project Development: Economic Feasibility Study - Questions

    Questions received followed by RCCEDC responses

    1) Project Listing Form (Volume of Work Previously Done): The RFP references the project form in several places (pages 12, 15, 16, and 28). The notation on page 12 indicates that the listing is only for projects awarded by “the A-E Selection Committee,” which I assume to mean it only refers to projects for Chaves County (and/or perhaps the City of Roswell). Can you confirm that we do NOT need to include projects for other clients? Yes. Based on a re-reading and a discussion with those who wrote the RFP, I can confirm that you do not need to include projects for other clients.

    2) All forms: Do the required forms only need to be completed by the lead consultant? We have two subconsultants on our team, but Leland Consulting Group will be the contractual lead with Chaves County. Yes. Only completed by the lead consultant.

    3) How indepth of a building study are you expecting? Do we need to go inside? Talk about utilities? The expectation is not to enter the building. We already have information on the utilities, so that does not need to be included. We are looking for a general look at building condition based on looking at it from outside.

    4) Looking at "management" are you looking for us to recommend a company or person for the position?
    Based on looking at other air centers that are similar to ours, likely other former Air Force bases what is the management structure for those that are thriving. What type of organization is running them?

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